Michael Forbes is an entertainer who has built a career out of making people smile. A master of his art Michael is more than just a magician. His training in psychology, non-verbal communication and  reading body language helped him to develop methods of honing in on peoples’ thoughts.

Blending his high-energy personality with these skills he's created a remarkable act that’s been mesmerizing audiences for 20 years.

Michael does more than just entertain an audience; he captivates them. Throughout the show, he selects members from the audience to help him on stage, making his show fun, exciting and highly interactive.

Michael makes no claims to having powers beyond normal human ability. He does claim to accomplish his feats through keen observation, psychological influence, and a highly trained memory.

Don't miss an opportunity to see Michael live. You will find his unique brand of magic to be elegant, sophisticated, and…it will blow you away.